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Mr. Jayaram Banan


It was Mr. Jayaram Banan, our Chairman, who paved the path to a journey which was proved illustrious by time, way back in 1986. What he then started as a restaurant with a seating capacity of 40 in Defense Colony today stands for his vision and entrepreneurial skills. Mr. K. Sadashiva Bhat, a Post Graduate in Commerce who served Tata Oil Mills in various capacities joined Sagar Ratna as a Director.

This helped the organization in many ways as Mr. Bhat’s experience helped him to steer Sagar Ratna in the right direction by adopting new age practices. Though it’s common, even for those inexperienced, to join family business in a capacity that doesn’t require much of an effort Mrs. Prema J Banan’s joining the top brass of Sagar Ratna along with her husband Mr. Jayaram Banan.

As a director she is providing invaluable inputs to the company thanks to her experience in the field of industrial catering for the last two decades. An established name, P.J. Caterers under Mrs. Banan today runs three canteens of M/s Moser Baer catering to around 10,000 employees. Is there any wonder Sagar Ratna carved a niche of its own in the field of hospitality under these highly experienced professionals with proven track records?

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