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Ocean Pearl has multifarious options for you to host a dream wedding with grand halls, well-equipped banquets and all the accoutrements essential to make the event magnificent and memorable.

Meeting & Conferences

Dedicated Conference Halls and Meeting Rooms are furnished with adequate facilities to plan all types of corporate meetings, brainstorming sessions and other formal and informal functions.


Indoor Venue

JADE PARTY HALLCapacity 35 pax

The elegant, refined Table Boardroom will be the talk of any meeting. Designed with utmost professionalism.

PACIFIC HALLCapacity 100 pax

The perfect location for your most intimate family moments.

JADE - PARTY HALLCapacity 800 pax

Venue for banquets, conferences, seminars and more

Outdoor Venue

TERRACECapacity 450 pax

Because sometimes, 4 walls cannot contain the energy of an event.

AMPITHEATRE LAWNCapacity 150 pax

For an event under the stars, shining over the gathering

LAWNCapacity 1,500 pax

When you want to throw an event for your whole world.